Rhino Rack Pioneer in the outdoor wilderness

Thanks for posting this @Canon_Bob. I was originally thinking Front Runner but Rhino looks great too. You can share the following:

What is the part number for the platform and how does it connect to the cross bar?
How long did it take you to install?
How is the wind noise?

Rhino Rack Pioneer Roof Cargo Platform 60″ x 49″ (52100F), Black

Rhino Rack Legs for Raised Rail Vehicles Fits Vortex Bars (4 Pack) (SX100)

these are the links to Amazon where I purchased mine. Rhino sells it as a bag, but I think I saved a few bucks by buying through Amazon. It took me just under 2 hours to assemble the rack and about 30 minutes to place it on the roof and make adjustments to line everything up. All the necessary tools were included and it was easy to make. I just took my time.

no reports of road noise yet as I haven’t taken it to highway speeds yet. I’m sure there will be some, but probably the same as any other comparable brand. I don’t expect it to be much until I load stuff on it, but no big deal. It’s a really well built shelf. The only thing I would say is make sure you download the latest instructions from their website before assembling as there was an error in the ones printed on the box.

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