Repair for P1710 and hard shifts 5EAT

I have a 2008 GT. Had random very rough shifts and random P1710 error code. 99.9% of the time he drove without problems. I noticed that these faults occurred under hard acceleration or on inclines.
Research led me to the “turbine speed sensor 2”, this is a hall effect transducer which includes a transistor sensor component. Often when transistors start to fail it’s heat related, so I lowered the oil level and found that there were no more error codes, but I still had random random shifting. Which confirmed that the sensor was overheated by oil.

Subaru’s solution to this known problem is to replace the valve body with an improved version.

Then I removed the valve body, disconnected the sensor, put in a 1/2″ overall Hall effect [$55] sensor in the same position and height as the valve body. I connected the pwr/grd/ signal wires to the harness.

To date, after 9 weeks, the car drives like new, no hard shifts with no fault codes.

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