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Rented Explorer XLT 4WD for five days in Chicago. Impressions compared with my ‘22 Limited:
Explorer leather(?) front seats so snuggly and comfortable- lots of stuffing and squeezably soft. Front passenger seat had height adjustment.
Explorer felt huge inside compared to Ascent- I loved it
I believe Explorer had a turbo 4 in it and it also has that quirky turbo lag (or whatever?) at accelerating from a stop or gunning it a bit at low speed.
I didn’t care for the highly stylized Explorer heat/AC controls but learned how to use them easily and temp setting showed on infotainment screen.
Wife’s iPhone connected easily to screen to see nav. directions.
Steering felt heavier than Ascent- more like an early 2000’s American pickup truck, but was easy to use.
Parallel parking in a tight spot on a residential street felt somehow easier than in my Ascent.
Explorer was a little rattly in the back. But third seat was down whole time and I don’t know what was back there.
Explorer fob seemed sensitive to what else was in my same pocket- hotel key card and my iPhone both seemed to make fob “invisible” to car until I rearranged them.
Drove around Chicago for five days and used only $25 of gas with lots of brief trips, short highways, etc. I have no idea of mpg, but used only 1/8th tank according to gauge.
Oh yeah, the worst part- gas gauge is white LED-type dashes which completely washout in direct sun. My wife would have no idea how much gas was in the car.
Hidden plus- gas cap. There is none, the door is the cap.
Explorer is several inches longer than Ascent but I drove it just as easily through Chicago traffic. I am used to large cars.
I am not really a Ford fan, but, Explorer was a great experience overall and I think I’m in love with the seats. This was first newer Ford I’ve driven in a long time but I can see why Explorer is so popular.

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