R1 concept brake kit question

Ordered R1 concept kit front and rear punctured and cracked 😔 (because I’ve read too much about how fast the original goes)
from Amazon (bad idea)

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This is what I got the front one just cracked and the back one they just threw away 😳😳looks like they just threw something in the box 😞. Not sure who’s fault is Amazon or R1?
Anyway I decided to just make pads.
But then after removing the wheels I realized that the pads look almost like new 😁.

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The 1/2″ meat still has no points to replace now

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. The woman is just a great driver 😁 she obviously doesn’t use her brakes 😃😃 much 😁

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With 43000 on the clock I am very happy with the brake performance and longevity.

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