Question: Where do you mount solar controller and battery?

I just sold my full size SUV (Toyota Sequoia) and purchased a 2012 Subaru Outback. I managed to squeeze about 70% of my usual gear under the trunk’s floor but I definitely took a hit when it comes to storage space and cubbies. But gained about 10mpg in a process so all is good.

Anyway, I want to transfer my roof rack which has traction boards and solar panel onto the new car. The problem I have is where to put the small 50Ah LifePO4 battery and solar controller. With Outback’s spare wheel located under the trunk’s floor, I can’t really build any additional storage there like a drawer system as I will need access to this area. For other stuff, I can just use a plastic container which I can easily remove but the solar controller and battery would have to be mounted permanently but still allow me to remove the floor panel to access a spare wheel.

So I am looking for ideas. Anybody in an Outback or Forester running small solar panel setup and can share their solution?

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