Quality Issues with 2020 Subaru Outback Limited XT


Just wanted to see if others are experiencing similar issues as my 2020 Limited XT?

1. The dash, centrally, and both vents rattle like baby rattles, grainy sandy like-annoying rattle, constantly on slightly cobbled roads. Vibrations are also problematic. Replaced both passenger and driver side vents, still rattling.
2. The door outer trim is warped and the passenger front door is misaligned by an inch at the top. Subaru says it is unusual but will fix it, waiting on parts.
3. Infotainment system crashes, is very laggy, sometimes up to 10 to 20 seconds of blank screen. The facial recognition system frequently forgets and doesn’t register. The vehicle argues with you that the engine is “on” forcing you to restart the engine by pushing the “push start” and turning it off again.
4. Engine heat is transferred to the interior. For example, I live in Phoenix Arizona. After the heat has subsided, I am forced to use AC even when it is 58 to 65F outside. After sitting around for 3 to 4 hours, and the outside temperature being below 58 to 65F, especially early mornings, when you turn the fan without AC on, it blows hot air/warm air without the AC. You can feel the heat coming in from the engine compartment, causing massive cold morning interior fogging.
5. I never average more than 19.4 mpg driving mostly in city situations 90%city 10% hwy. I am trying very hard to drive responsibly and not gun the engine.

If you’d like I will upload the intensely annoying and so far unfixable loud dash, vent, vibrations, and baby rattle sounds, as well as various infotainment issues. Does anyone have this “heat” issue where the car runs hot no matter how cool the outside temperature is?

My dealer is working with Subaru’s customer service to look into this situation. I did not notice any of these issues when I first got the car. But now it has become an epidemic of issues almost on a weekly basis. I bought the car October 5th. and just put 2000 miles on it.

Love the Outback but these quality issues really makes me question my purchase and how this car was assembled.

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