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Rather puzzling. I can’t see how the Reverse function of the transmission could have been affected by hitting a curb, without affecting selecting P, N or D, but perhaps there was more to the event.

Was it the rear wheels that hit the curb while backing up, or the front? Or was the curb along the side of the car?

Did the car go up over the curb, perhaps damaging something underneath, or did the car just stop against the curb?

[The requirement to restart the engine could suggest an electrical issue, perhaps related to the shift lock control that prevents moving from the gear select lever from P to R and from N to R. Or, especially if the car rode up on the curb, the linkage between the gear select lever in the cabin and the range select lever on the side of the 5EAT transmission was damaged, or the oil pan was dented, affecting the valve body and possibly internal linkages.]

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