Once They Drive Subaru, They Know What Subaru Can Do



My 3 kids all drove one of my AWD Subarus as they were growing up, and they grew up in Alaska, so there was plenty of snow/cold. A few years ago, after one of my daughters moved to the L48, a family friend was selling an older Toyota Camry. She decided she wanted better gas mileage, so I helped her buy it and she gave me back the Subaru she had been driving. Fast forward to last week when the town she lives in received 18″ of snow. She struggled to get around in her FWD Camry for a few days, then she called me and asked me if she could borrow a Subaru…Of course, I said yes. She is fortunate I recently moved within 50 miles of her town because I had been living 2500 miles away the last 16 years!

Happy Holidays all

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