MY23 Diode Dynamics fog light install… Success!

Good news, meh news.
(and it’s just perspective, the actual lamp fits perfectly inside the frame for it).

The Good news is I’m getting a full refund (even though I’m ‘technically’ outside the return window) because they have been made aware [from past orders?] that they had these marked as correct fitment when they are not. And there are no current plans to update mounting bracket from the sounds of it. CS rep said his coworker is a Subaru [WRX] guy and the mount style is identical across Ascent and WRX, and that Circuit Demon has developed a working tri-mount bracket for the DD Elite lamps. Which means the coworker knows what he’s talking about, because that’s what the OEM lamp document states.

Meh news is now I have to return the DD lamps (that I bought on sale) and look at buying the CD version which is $100 more MSRP.
Next step is to do some research and see if CD is going to offer a sale anytime in the near future…

Picture on the site page shows WRX, so I might still reach out to CD and see if they have an out-of-box lamp image that verifies the new design.

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