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I have been dealing with long term brake screeching. If I recall they are Centric coated rotors and premium Napa pads. The setup probably has 40-60k on the rotors and 2 sets of napa pads in that time.

It is worst at slow speeds after the vehicle is lowered (in and out of the garage), but can be heard at higher speeds as well. I greased all the slide pins and the back of the pads and the squeak seemed to go away in about a day. It could have been a coincidence. Pads have plenty of life on all 4 corners and not where near the bars wear. The dress looks even.

I think I had previously replaced the Napa pads (they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!) for a noise issue, but I can’t remember. Maybe it’s spam, but I wonder if Napa puts anything on their desks that screams half life?

What other things should I be aware of? Is rotor polishing a real thing? Could the Napa pads and center rotors not mix well? Is my Napa brake grease not good enough?

Thanks for any thoughts. I think if nothing else I might grab another pair of new packs from Napa for free.

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