IMPORTANT TIP: Using a Car Wash With Eyesight

There’s been some misconceptions about how Subaru’s latest Pre-Collision Braking system works in neutral. Short version is, it STILL works in neutral and of course, it works in drive (the misconception is that it doesn’t work in neutral).

So, if you’re taking your #SubaruAscent or the new model year #SubaruOutback, #SubaruForester, #SubaruLegacy, #SubaruImpreza or #SubaruCrosstrek through a car wash where the car moves while it’s in neutral (or drive), ALWAYS remember to turn off the following:

  • Pre Collision Braking
  • Auto Vehicle Hold
  • Auto Wipers (if equipped)

Also, for cars where the gas door is locked with the doors:

As you’ll note in the video, the Subaru Ascent’s pre-collision braking does not care if you’re in drive or neutral (same applies to other new Subies). If you’re about to drive into or roll into anything, and it sees it, it will jam on the brakes.

That’s not a good thing if your car happens to be in the middle of a car wash, so, don’t take a chance that your Subie can figure out what’s up. The last thing you need is for your Subie to think your car is about to crash into something while it’s being pulled down a car wash tunnel.

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