HVAC backlight illumination problems – staying on when car is off




Hi Guys,

Car is a 2015 3.6R. Owned it since new (demo vehicle).

For the last month I have noticed that the illumination behind the HVAC heater and air-conditioning controls remains on for a long time after the car is turned off. It does eventually turn off. I don’t recall this every happening in the past. It seems to coincide with having the battery disconnected a month ago when the spark plugs were changed.

After returning from a a drive today the HVAC illumination didn’t turn off at all and after a while it actually started to flash and flicker on/off. Eventually I got it to turn off by cycling the ignition button on/off a number of times.

The illumination behind the other items such as the buttons for the tailgate, eyesight, x-mode, gear selector, etc are not affected. They operate with the headlight illumination correctly. It is only the HVAC illumination that is affected.

Here is a link to the video of what is happening.

The car is standard with no accessories. No LED bulbs.

I’ve found this thread whose problem is the same and was resolved by unplugging an iPod charger. No charger plugged in to our vehicle so am hoping someone might know what else to look for.

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