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Can anyone who has installed the Redline Tuning lifters comment on the height of the raised hood compared to the stock strut bar? I saw some posts, I believe on an Outback forum, about the hood height with the lifters being lower than it was with the strut bar.

Edit to add: I called Redline this morning and to my surprise, someone answered the phone (they are not open for business on weekends). Sorry I can’t remember the gentleman’s name. He said he was available for any technical or installation help, and he was very nice and helpful. I asked him this specific question and he said since he wasn’t in the office he couldn’t give me a 100% accurate answer since they sell lifts for 400+ vehicles. He said that they will usually state in the product listing if it lifts higher or lower than the stock height and that he can say “with 95% certainty” that if it doesn’t specifically mention the lift height for Ascension lifts, then it should basically be equal to the height of the stock (support rod). I also confirmed that no drilling is required.

All that said…it would still be great to hear feedback from anyone with first hand experience with Redline lifts.

Again edits to add: Okay, I’m stupid. After looking again, right there on the Redline website is a high-res photo (photo #12 in the link below, if you’re interested) that shows very clearly that the bars add about 3″ of extra lift compared to the prop of stock.Redline Tuning 2018+ Subaru Ascent QuickLIFT ELITE rod

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