Hello from San Antonio…5th Subaru

1985 GL Wagon – 10 years 254,000 miles
Long spell with no Subaru then…
2013 Outback Base 6 years 90,000 miles
2019 Outback Base 2 years 29,000 miles
2021 Outback Premium 2 years 31,500 miles

I’m in my 2nd day of ownership of a Magnetite Grey 2023 Ascent Limited. 79 miles. Traded in my 2021 Outback Premium on this big beauty.
I’ve loved my Outbacks, really loved them, but got 6 grandkids to haul to various function now, and needing that 3rd row.
I’ll miss that 30+ mpg, but the extra space will, and already has made up for it.
My 2013 and 2021 Outbacks were Abyss Blue, and my 2019 the Magnetite Grey. When shopping for my Ascent, I remember that Magnetite Grey as being a restful color, and decided that’s what my Ascent was going to be.
I did have a few posts on here a year or so ago, after I drove my daughters Ascent on a short 200 mile road trip.
Anyway glad to be here, and already gathering valuable info from other Ascent owners.
Back in 1985, when I got my 1985 GL wagon, after a rare snowstorm had just about paralyzed San Antonio, I could go days without seeing another Subaru here in pickup truck and Suburban land. As the 10 years since 2013 with my 3 Outbacks passed, they became progressively more common on the road, and now rare is the day I don’t see one or two Subarus of various models.
I reminded my salesman that I’ve converted half my family and a couple of neighbors to Subarus.
Sister on her 2nd outback
Brother on his 1st Outback
Daughter leasing her 1st Ascent
Son just bought 1st Ascent a week before I bought this one.
Neighbor on 1st Outback
Neighbor 2 has had 2 Outbacks now on 1st Ascent.
I don’t think he was grateful enough on my deal, but he did throw in a few goodies, so I’m pleased, and looking forward to much pleasure driving my Ascent.

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