Headlights set too high on GEN 6 Outback

Wondering if anyone else has had problems with their headlight low beams pointing too high on their new Outback.

My low beams are clearly too high—this evidenced by every 3rd or 4th car flashing their high beams at me while out on the open road. I took it back to the dealer and was told they were fine (by a quick visual check by the service facilitator standing out in front of my car who also told me they couldn’t be adjusted anyway). Then, on the way home, a State Patrolman pulled me over for having my high beams on!

So…has anyone else had trouble with their low beam adjustment? Are they, in fact, not adjustable? Finally, what recourse might I have in dealing with this (e.g. a
means of contacting Subaru directly).

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