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I had an opportunity to get a similar but newer vehicle from my work, and made the difficult decision to part ways with my Ascent!

Factors that led to Subaru getting the boot from our garage, in no particular order:

Fast travel and rough lane keeping enforcement. After a couple of years I gave up on any rear sway bar/front tower upgrades that were ever made available for this model, and I had the steering wheel to keep, but many passengers were less than happy with the ride strange dynamics. Add the constant push/pull of the engine versus the CVT.

Short range. The only vehicle I’ve ever owned with a shorter drive to empty radius was my 1972 Corvette, and that’s close.

So much mileage. A boost to the turbo literally destroys MPG for an entire trip. Probably the only vehicle I’ve owned that did worse Highway MPG than City.

Strange interior. I admit I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other, but this got comments from almost every new passenger. For example, on the inside passenger door, about 12″ in, I see black padded vinyl, fake wood trim, hard black plastic, brushed chrome, shiny chrome, light beige vinyl with gray stitching, black perforated vinyl, java brown vinyl with gray stitching and more.Maybe a few?

Unfortunate implementation of CP / AA, and random but recurring bugs. Honestly, if it had simply been less distracting, or if the included navigation worked better, it might not have been enough to tip the scales.

I may join the Subaru family in a moment! Never say never. I will check back from time to time.

Thanks for the advice I found here and enjoy reading some of these discussions!

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