Generation 5 – Subaru Brand Battery Features for 2019 Outback

I asked Parts at my local S. dealer about the Ah, amps per hour, for the Subaru brand replacement battery for the car. He said they are made by Interstate (when I asked) and have 550/100 cold amps, but he didn’t have amps per hour info, which I found odd.
My reading on the web indicates that 40-100 Ah are needed depending on the size of the car, but all these many electronic features in my 2019 Outback Ltd 4 cylinder seem to require considerable Ah. So aside from the quality issues leading to the extended warranty, I’m wondering if the Subaru Interstate battery is somehow the wrong size, or maybe the marginal size.
My case is a replacement battery in March after a quick start, another long day in May ending with the dealer declaring the battery good and now another long day in early June stating the battery is too old bad. Interstate is making the dealer and customer jump through hoops to get a replacement under warranty. Plus, three of my four roadside warranty cases have already burned out before the year and a half is up. Boomer. I can add AAA service, much cheaper than paying for a fifth case down the road.

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