Gen 7 – New Outback and Toyota Crown Estate possible similarities?



I just saw some articles about the new Toyota Crown Estate given a picture that was teased to be coming to the US with a press release. Then looking at some of their other prior teases for the Crown Estate. It seems crazy similar the shape of the sticker cladding to the outback and the fact that it is an AWD lifted wagon. Given the models shared between Toyota and Subaru, ex: BRZ and Solterra, I think the new Outback may be similar to it or maybe they will split trims with Outback being a more off road or more cladding and Toyota having something similar to the Legacy wagon. Plus the timing being around the same as the Subaru announcement on their website. I searched the forum and noticed someone brought up the sedan Crown for a Legacy replacement and it seemed so different however, these teases seem like maybe something more.

Some of the features I noticed is they had a fold out floor extension that covers the space between the folded rear seat backs and the front seats and larger buttons for climate control while reducing knobs for the infotainment. Or maybe they share a platform but the interiors be different…

Does anyone else have any thoughts about the similarities and the timing or other coincidences or am I going down a rabbit hole?

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