Gen 6 – Wilderness MPG ?

Hi everyone, I recently purchases a 2022 Outback Wilderness. I must say that I love the car, however the MPG has been a complete shocker. It is rated at 22/26 with 24 combined.

This not being my first vehicle (I have owned over 20) I am very well aware that those numbers are not realistic and can vary based on many different factors; lead foot, load, roof accessories, temperature, driving style, type of roads etc…

However, for the past 1400 miles I have been averaging 15mpg in city and around 17 in highway. These are drastic drops from what is rated at.

I don’t have a lead foot, I’m usually the only person in the vehicle, driving Southern California flat roads at around 75 degree weather, no load, no roof accessories. Normally I get +/- 2-3 MPG. But this is shocking.

I did my research and I know the Wilderness gets less MPG compared to the other XT models due to the larger tires, lift, full spare etc… I was expecting to get around 19-20 city and around 24 on highway.

I’ve called and exchanged emails with Subaru of America and they basically told me that the EPA sets the MPG. Emailed the EPA and they sent me back a generic email with resources to learn how an MPG is calculated.

I would think that as a consumer we should receive pretty accurate or close to at least numbers so we can base our purchasing decision on. That is what I did, I could have purchased a gas guzzling Tacoma or a RAM if I wanted such a low MPG.

Anyone else having this issue? Please keep your comments civil and kind. I will not respond to bullying or rude comments that are not on topic.

Thank you

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