Gen 6 – OBK BT D4S from Poland

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In this way I would like to start my topic dedicated to the newly purchased Outback 2.5i Platinium.

I’m 44. I live in Poland and the Outback is my third Subaru. I should mention here that my second Subaru sleeps in my garage (its GC8 WRX STI Type R that I’ve had for over 12 years and kept forever).

I hope this walkthrough may be of interest to some users as it features an EU spec model ownership, I also drive a lot of miles a year, I’ll try to describe what it’s like to live with the Outback here in Europe.

My Outback is 2.5i Platinium spec – which is the highest spec on the Polish market – in Crystal Black Silica – [paint code D4S], and black leather interior. Subaru puts different spec names depending on the market. Unfortunately we did not get a chance to order the 2.4DIT as it is not available in the EU.
Before taking the car from the dealer I had a ceramic coating applied and I am happy with the results. The car looks amazing.


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