Gen 6 – Front Runner Rack / Los Angeles

sorry no, but I would not call it considerable, you have something on your roof..which breaks the aerodynamics..there is noise for sure but it is constant and becomes white noise..I prefer the roof rack noise over my studded haks :) What I did find this year to help, I adjusted the wind deflector and left a small gap in the middle, which reduced the noise quite a bit. I find the rack it very functional and have been driving around with the water jug on the top as well, which is pretty bulky and don’t notice a difference. I load up 2 100L an 80L and 35L dry bags up top..have 42L of water and 20L of an axe and shovel..tons of dog goes in the trunk..and dont have to pack stuff to the roof inside..I like it..but it isnt cheap..especially since I am in Canada..the duty and freight to get it here is a fortune!
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