Gen 5 – Advice Needed, Low Oil Warning

I need everyone’s advice, it seems to me that the dealer is very suspicious. Long story but please follow up and tell me if I’m crazy before I go to the dealer tomorrow. I already called Subaru NA and they said something sounds weird.

I purchased my 2019 certified pre-owned 3.6R from my local Subaru dealer. It had 29,732 the day I got it last June and now has 34,000 (less than a year later). Today my low oil warning came on for a split second while I was out while parking and turning the car off. I started it again and this time without warning, everything looked and ran normally. When I got home (1 mile away) I pulled the bar and it was very low, like below the bottom hole low. Admit it, it’s the first time I’ve had the oil checked because the dealer swore up and down that it’s a CPO you have nothing to think about and blah blah blah. My last CPO was completely done before I took it home.

No leaks and burning oil (my 2011 2.5 Forester did both so I know the signs).

I checked my CPO paperwork, the dealer was supposed to do the 30k service as part of the CPO process (it literally says on the checklist to do every maintenance interval within 2500 miles). But the oil change sticker on the windshield says change at 34,000 which wouldn’t make sense if they changed it at 30,000 and it’s a recommended 6,000 mile interval.

So is it safe to assume they never did the full 30k service if they didn’t bother to check or change the oil? How can I be so low almost 2,000 miles before the recommended change interval if they really did 30,000?

I added a quart and a half of oil to get me to the dealership tomorrow (4 miles away going 30 mph). It’s not filled properly, but it’s what I had on hand, and it’s above the bottom point on the stick now. Other than the oil change and the 30k service they apparently skipped, what else should I be looking for?

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