Gen 5 – 2019 Subaru Outback Battery Drain Problems



There are many failing Head Units (the nav and radio), made by Harmon Karden are going bad. The units were not properly sealed during the manufacture and you will probably see what looks like dried humidity rings on the back side of the screen. Then the nav system will be going haywire, changing screen, flickering, dropping nav destination, or just giving you a new destination. It is basically worthless. My dealer has a number of these failures, (including mine), and am told there are over a thousand bad Nav systems and I am told it will take over 6 months to get a replacement (if that even happens). It is amazing how little Subaru is going to do about this issue. This is clearly a manufacturing issue and should be a no cost replacement. In the meantime, you can simply use WAZE, which is actually a far better nav system anyway – just not big screen.

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