Gen 4 – Puddles under front passenger seat

I agree with your logic but no smell.
the front footwell is slightly damp but there we’re literally puddles und the seat and in the rear footwell.

Shoot… no bueno.

Do you see water draining behind the front wheels from the sunroof drains? I’d expect you to see that in the overhead console rather than under the front seat and rear footwell.

Is it consistent regardless the weather?

If no coolant smell and that puddle location, it could be condensation from the AC draining into the HVAC duct… but that’s A LOT, especially if you’re seeing it tinkle normally when it’s running.

I don’t know if a plugged cowl drain would lead to rear seat puddles. I could be wrong, but I think the cowl drains in front of the A pillar near the wheel well. If it was the HVAC intake, I’d expect the front to be flooded, not the back.

Could be wrong.

Also, not sure how condensation would end up in the ductwork.

Any chance a window was left cracked during a rain storm?

Have any work done to a window regulator or lock mechanism that would have damaged the weather seal behind the door card?

Are the window wipes in good shape?

Are the doors draining normally from the window wipes? I’ve had worn out wipes cause weatherproofing problems on other cars. It’s 10 years, so that’s suspect, as are all other seals around the doors if you don’t silicone them regularly.

I don’t know what else could cause puddles like what you’re describing besides rusted out floorboards… unless you get rustproofing done. If you Krown your car, maybe the didn’t put the plug back into one of the holes they drill to spray the inside of your doors/chassis and water came in there during a storm.

These are all pretty unlikely.

It’s a Subbie-Doo mystery.

Gotta a neighborhood punk you could throw a few bones at to crawl under the car and snap some photos of what’s up underneath?

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