Gen 4 – Goodbye & Forum rules on selling

Hey all,

Sad to leave this community but after owning my 2010 Outback Premium for over a decade I have sold it about two weeks ago. The car was amazing as I put on it almost 200k miles. That car took me through my vagabond period when I lived out of it, and on countless trips all over the US and Canada. Unfortunately the last year has been ridden with issues and was very expensive for me. This forum has helped me with many fixes I was able to do myself. So thank you all.

Last month I had a mechanic try to fix a really bad issue with acceleration that wasn’t throwing any codes and there was no check engine light on. During that period he tried many things one of which was putting on a new manifold w/ the front cat. It didn’t fix the issue so we decided to take it off and focus on other things. The idea was to sell the cat, but I had to do it separately as he ran the car with it on for a few moments.

Now I’m having a hard time selling a quite new manifold/cat (as I got rid of the car already) I’d like to make some money back as it was a big financial hit on me, now sitting around with a $2k+ part.

During my ownership I didn’t make enough posts on this forum, apparently not qualifying me to post on the Buy/Sell page of this site. Which sucks, I’d figure there would be people who’d be happy to have a slightly used, discounted manifold (have the paperwork from the mechanic)
But I’m not allowed.
Any way to make an exception?
I’ve been a used of this site and lurker for a decade. I would like to make one last post of possible.

Really would appreciate it as money is tight and could use this community help to sell it as there is no better place.


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