Gen 4 – $7K for Catalytic Converters???



I’m milling around and killing time for a bit and ran across this thread. I didn’t get a notice that I was tagged in a post.

Here’s the part and labor rundown:
Exhaust System
Catalytic Converter

Remove & Replace
Exhaust System
Catalytic Converter, R&R
Both Sides 1.5 hr
Left Bank 0.8 hr
Right Bank 0.9 hr

Here’s the caveat. The price of metals continues to go up, so even though the parts were made years ago when the price was lower, the value of the metal inside has increased and the dealerships are following suit by raising the prices 150% or more.

Labor cost depends on the shop labor rate.

Aftermarket cats work in these cars. The computer doesn’t know the difference and the feedback from the sensors with either CARB or FED cats is identical. Thank you CARB for making life difficult for car owners over 5 ppm HC or less.

And before someone says anything about 5 ppm being a lot with the number of cars on the road, here’s a question. Where does California get their electricity? And how is that electricity produced?

Answer, Arizona and Utah. Arizona utilizes natural gas, coal and nuclear reaction to produce electricity. Utah’s number one used fuel is coal. So even though California hit “95% renewable energy” this year, that does not take in to account the energy that is imported from surrounding states. It just means that 95% of the energy created in California is renewable. Can you say slight of hand?

So what is 5 ppm HC worth? Apparently at todays metal prices a few thousand.

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