Gen 3 – P2097 on an ’06 2.5 MT non-turbo but all components already replaced

2006 Outback 2.5l 5MT non-turbo, with 192,000 miles but brand new (
I’m at a loss where to look for the failure, as far as I can tell every single component I’ve seen the threads say is related to the p2097 is brand new. Basically, every part of the fuel system is new. @cardoc would probably say to look at grounding, but my grounds are redundant and great, as I have some audio equipment in the car and I’m obsessive.
I even took it to a mechanic, and they said all the fuel liners look within spec during extended computer tests, and they couldn’t find anything obviously wrong.
Fuel mpg isn’t great, but it’s reasonable for winter tires, a big top shelf and a relatively heavy foot, 70-30 hwy/city, about 22-24 mpg.
Does anyone have any ideas? I would appreciate the help.
I was really looking forward to a worry free ride after selling my soul for the next two years on that Big Overhaul.

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