Gen 3 – Diesel EE20Z doesn’t start after rebuild


It’s about outback 2009:

I put new head gasket after it’s blown off.
After putting engine back to the room it doesn’t start.
All obvious causes checked: air bleed, fuses, connectors, rails, hoses, tank filter and sub pump, etc.
Pressure on CR read in simple DiagTool says 370 kpa, 3,7bar… which should be near 200 bar to start…

The question is:

should be any pre-pressure from the tank for the high pressure pump to work.

I checked pressure behind fuel filter with the gauge, it was only near zero vacuum.
I checked subpump near tank, it works, but it seems to pump the fuel just between tank halves, not to filter at a cabin…

I would be gratefull for any infos how the fuel should run in a system and what could I check more before i replace high pressure fuel pump :)

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