Gen 2 – Engine Dies Immediately After Jumper Cables Disconnected.



2002 Outback, 2.5L 4 Cylinder, 5 Speed Manual transmission, Limited Edition

This is my first post. I am hoping someone has some insight.

On the first cold morning of the season (Friday), the car starts but idles strangely/weakly. It starts to idle worse when electrical systems are used. The car dies when the headlights are turned on and won’t restart. Then I had to leave for the weekend.

I came back (Sunday evening) and the small odometer screen and red-flashing security light are still on but the key fab did not unlock the doors. I was able to jump the car and it idled normally. I let the doner car idle for a few minutes. I turned off the doner car and it continued to idle as normal. But as soon as the first jumper cable was removed the car sputtered for about 1 second then dies. The car is then unable to start on its own. When I try to turn the key, the lights on the small odometer screens fade out. When I stop turning the key the screens come back on.

Before I tried jumping it again today (Monday), I measured the battery voltage to be about 10-something volts…10.8 volts maybe? I can’t remember the exact voltage. Regardless the car was unable to start without a jump. I jumped it and it again died when the cables were removed.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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