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Hey there. Many are having trouble updating the Nav maps. Until yesterday, I was having trouble too. I finally figured it out. Here are a few tips for others still having trouble.

1. Set up your account in MySubaru before trying to update maps. The first time I tried update, I created the account, and tried to update during the same session. The map update app didn’t seem to like this juxtaposition of the two activities. Set up your account, then log out, then come back later to do the map update.

2. The code from the control head has nothing to do with updating. In spite of informational statements from the control head about needing the alphanumeric code FROM the control head to complete the update, when I was successful, I never needed that code. This may be because once you create a MySubaru account, you don’t need it anymore, but hey; it’s one less step to worry over.

3. Get the largest flash drive you can afford, and make sure it’s empty. The app tells you that you need a minimum of 16 GB of free space on the flash drive. Here’s a tip: The update will first erase anything on your flash drive, so be sure that it’s new and empty. The larger amount of storage space, the better, as I’m assuming that the process uses the flash drive for swap space, so the larger the better. On my first attempt, I used a 16 GB drive, and was never able to get the transfer to the car to work. It would just keep running and running and… On my successful attempt, I used a 128GB USB 3.0. The entire process took about 35 minutes. Note: The software will warn you several times that it will wipe the drive clean before downloading, and you even have to acknowledge that the drive will be wiped before it will process.

4. DO NOT install the Map Updater software on the Flash Drive. It was unclear to me when starting, whether the Map Updater software was necessary on the Flash Drive in order to start the download to the vehicle. So on mt first attempt with the 128 GB flash drive, I installed the Map Updater software on the Flash Drive. The first thing that happened when I started the download was the entire process crashing, because the software running it was wiped from the Flash drive. Instead, create a folder on your computer for Subaru Map Updater, and install the software there. You can install it on your desktop as well, but there are a number of files in the installation along with the Installer app, so for housekeeping purposes, it makes better sense to create a separate folder for the app.

5. When the Updater App presents you a code on your computer, write it down or take a photo of it with your phone. You WILL have to enter this activation code onto the Control Head in the car. Note: cases matter. Lower case letters will not substitute for upper case letters.

6. Make sure that you’ve got time to load the new data onto your car. The app will tell you that you need an hour. Mine completed in about 35 minutes with a 128 GB flash drive. But also, plan ahead. Park somewhere outside where you’ve got open sky all around. A building or a garage roof will prevent the download from working, as the updater requires that it’s in contact with the internet the entire time. ALSO, do not leave the car with your access key. The download will stop. Ask me how I know.;-)

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