Exterior plastic cladding is coming off

I found the cladding was loose/gaped on the driver’s door during my original inspection. I used my hand to push it back on and then a few more hits with the palm of my hand. 2+ years later and no noticeable related problem. It the car had been driven and contamination had got to the glue surface the outcome could have been different.

Very interesting, thanks! My car was manufactured only a few weeks before I purchased it last June, so perhaps the adhesive didn’t cure enough before it got washed?

Bassman said:

A car wash should not be causing the issue you are describing – – we have run our 2011 OB Premium through car washes countless times since it was new and have not had any issues with the cladding coming loose. I’d contact your local dealership and request a warranty repair/replacement.

Thanks, Steve. I have an appointment for next Friday, and hopefully the dealer is as good as they were with my battery problem last week.

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