Driver Profile vs Driver Registration

I think the main “issue” that results from the “Drive Profile” being linked to the phone and the Registered Driver being linked to the Driver Monitoring System, is when another driver’s phone is present in the car. For example, I’m driving and I’m recognized by DMS, but my wife is a passenger and for some reason her phone is recognized before mine. (Maybe she got into the car first, in the passenger seat.)

Every now and then I’ve seen a cryptic message on the main center screen, asking me if I wanted to accept or use the revealed driver profile. I’m never sure what this message means, as it doesn’t identify which driver profile it is. (For clarity, mine and my wife’s phones are linked to our driver profiles and we are both registered drivers for DMS as well.) I am now thinking that the driver profile acceptance question is because I am recognized by DMS as driver, but it’s my wife’s phone that was detected first… It would be clearer if the message identified the driver profile it thought it should be using, so you could tell if you wanted to change it. .. ..

That said, I haven’t experienced any real conflict issues – since the seat and mirror positions are tied to DMS detection of the registered driver, I assume the main area of ​​potential conflict would be in some other preferences based on the profile of the driver… ..

On my wife’s Honda, which I also sometimes drive (with her as a passenger), we’ve run into some weird little conflicts. In that car, each driver has their own dedicated key. It’s key recognition that tells the car who’s driving and whose user preferences it should use. One time I was driving, but my wife got into the car first. And so the car THINKS she was driving. Once the machine came to this conclusion, I couldn’t figure out how to convince them otherwise! I thought to myself, maybe we can put her bag, with the key, in the trunk. But the car wouldn’t allow the trunk lid to close… For a while, I was completely awake from the car.

Turns out the answer is/was simple. If I used my key to unlock the car then the car changes to that key fob (and driver) to be the real driver… Problem was we keep the car unlocked in the garage so I never had to unlock it….

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