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In addition to the microphone, you may also notice that the front speaker audio is affected; it depends on the generation of DCM used in your Outback.

I want to fix the problem because I was warned that if I didn’t, the car would be considered “modified” and it would affect the resale value and whether Subaru of America would cover issues or recalls.

This is pure “FUD” (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) from salespeople. There is no way that the SOA can refuse to fix a security recall item based on the removal or deactivation of the VKM. And the dealer should first try replacing the $60 DCM battery, which is likely the cause of the excessive current drain, instead of replacing the entire DCM. This is a lithium-ion battery and may fail to charge properly, causing a constant discharge to the main +12V battery.

It’s not fair that they are asking you to repair something you don’t need or want. I removed the DCM from my 2019 Outback within a few months of buying it, bypassed the +5V on the mic and speaker audio connections, and haven’t had any problems since.

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