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Weird story: my wife said she was about to start her 2007 Outback yesterday when the car lost all power.

She had just put the key in the ignition. The ignition sounds like normal, but the beep stopped halfway. She then tried to start the car but it was completely dead. There are no lights at all on the dashboard.

She emerged from a jump pack and was able to successfully jump the car. The car idled for 10 minutes after that, she drove it home (~5 minute drive) and the car was able to start 2 times on the road with no problem.

Today I measured the battery open voltage (12.6) and the axle voltage (14.2) so the battery and alternator look good. The battery was changed 1.5 years ago, so new, no corrosion on the contacts. I checked the battery wires and they looked good, no fraying, all the grounds I could trace leading to the battery wires looked good and not corroded.

Any ideas? What is strange to me is the complete loss of power – if the dash lights were on but no ignition, I would suspect the engine or engine relay or something. Not sure how to explain a complete loss of battery power.

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