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In various posts on this page, there are references to a problem with the Mount bars — specifically the right front bar. But I didn’t see a thread with “struts” in the title to make an easier search. If I’ve missed it, I’m sorry, but maybe this subject heading will allow any ribbon related issues to be found in one place, as I believe (from several reports on this forum) there may be a manufacturing issue with the Ascent ribbons . .

My wife and I both have new Ascents (Touring). Hers has been fine, but after only about 800 miles, mine started making a noise that sounded like two empty 2 liter plastic bottles being slammed together. Others in other posts have referred to the noise as a “thumping” sound. At first, the sound was weak and sparse. Eventually, it became louder and more frequent. I googled “sticking problems” and came across a few posts on this forum that helped me verify a similar sound coming from the passenger side (right front). Like other owners, the sound I drove only appeared during slow maneuvering, such as backing up and backing out of the road or turning into the driveway. Eventually, it increased in frequency and sound level, especially in parking lots when driving into or out of a parking spot — only at low speeds and only with slight cornering.

I took my car to the dealer last week and mentioned that I had read about a possible beam problem and that I understood there might be a technical bulletin on it (both info gleaned from this helpful site). The technician drove me around the parking lot and immediately heard and diagnosed the noise as the right, front bar. He said he was familiar with the sounds from other Subarus and when their skids failed (after many miles). They ordered the pole and another part, which only took two days to arrive, and the replacement service only took about 1.5 hours — all under warranty, of course. After the repair, I asked if there was anything they could see that indicated the problem, but the service manager didn’t specify anything in particular. i also understand that the dealer shares their repair histories with regional reps who report any common problems to subaru, so hopefully this problem will be brought to the attention of subaru’s manufacturing and parts supply chain.

There is no longer a sound, so that seems to have been the solution. If it happens again, I’ll update this post, but fingers crossed…so far, so good.

Besides, we love our climbs. We are new to the brand. We find our mounts to be so smooth, powerful and responsive on the highway and around town. It’s easily the most comfortable vehicle we’ve ever owned — and we’ve owned quite a few different makes, both American and imported, over the past 45 years.

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