Buying vs. Leasing An Outback

I leased one time (not Subaru), hated it. The only benefit to leasing is a lower monthly payment. But with leasing, you have to stay very conscious to the mileage you put on it every year. They only allow you a certain amount a year, and it is generally less than average amount, so odds are, you will be over mileage when it comes time to turn in the lease. Anything over their allotted mileage, they will charge you for that. They also allow for “normal” wear and tear, but that is also less than average. Anything “they” deem is over “normal”, they add that charge. ANY scratch, mark, shopping cart bump, door ding, they charge for that too. At the end of it, they will give you a bill for all those charges that you have to pay upfront before they can let you out of the lease. The option to that, is buying the lease out and keeping the car. because of the lower payments, you will own more for the car if you buy the lease out, which is generally MORE than the car is worth at that time. You generally end up, “upside down” on the value of the car, vs what you would owe on it to buy the lease out. Point is, it is a trap IMHO. Good during the lease due to a lower payment, but if it is over your budget to buy it and make regular payment, then you really can’t afford that car. Leases are OK only during the payment period. When you turn it in when the lease is over, that will cost you more at that time. If you plan to only keep it for a year or two, don’t do many miles, and meticulous on where you park, or conscious of any ding or scratch you might put on it, then it might be ok. If you have kids, or plan to use the car without stressing about all that, don’t do it. (I include having kids because they are rough on back seats, and any stain, smell etc the kids cause, they will add charges for that too. Did it one time, lost my arse at the end of lease, so, will never do that again.

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