Brake Line Failure – Rear Distribution Block Identical to Previous Years

For the TL:’DR crowd: if you live in a rust belt state, your 2015 Outback is subject to the same brake line corrosion issue that produced a 600,000 vehicle recall in 2014. If your car was manufactured during 2014, Subaru knew of the issue and did not make changes to address it during manufacturing. The recall was issued in June of 2014, my Outback has a born on date of Feb 2014.

Additionally, the described ‘split braking system’ does not do a good enough job of stopping the car, in my opinion, to safely stop the car in any traffic situation even when the front half of the reservoir remains full after the rear brake line failure. My Outback will nearly idle through the front brakes after new pads, rotors, & bleeding.

Please go inspect your rear brake line distribution block and send in a trouble ticket to SOA with images. They are denying this is occurring and will lead to failures while underway.

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I contacted the local dealer, they said go straight to SOA. SOA said they take no responsibility, even as they covered 600,000 automobiles for the same failure. Their customer service indicated they’d love to hand me a $700 voucher to the purchase of a new car. They differed a phone call to an email response and subsequently failed to return my calls.

The images I provided SOA are almost an identical image to what is in their Product Campaign Bulletins used to tell the technicians how to handle the situation. They still failed to continue the conversation.

I washed my car at least twice per month with an additional underbody spray to make this purchase last for 10 years. I’m a little perturbed and less than happy with SOA.

I hate that this is my first post here, but I wanted to tell the hive that you should look out for this.

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