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Going to do my first brake job on 2013 Outback, changing rear pads & rotors. A couple questions I haven’t seen covered before:

I bought Raybestos Premium EHT pads. They have shims on the outside of the pads with a layered build to reduce noise. I know the stock pads have TWO shims on the outside pads. Wondering if I should either put the old stock shims on the new pads, or leave the Raybesto shims on, and put the old outer shim (of the double shimmed side) on over the Raybestos.

Does any grease go between the metal pad backing (where those two dimples are) and the shim?

I’ve seen videos where some open the bleeder before compressing the pistons. Others just take the lid off the reservoir, which seems easier and a lot less messy. Is the later really that advantageous and worth the extra hassle?

On the parking brake, is there is any cleaning and/o lubrication I should do to the parts, other than deglazing the pads?

Lastly, the service manual seems to indicate that the hydraulic floor jack should use the rear differential as the lift point. Is that correct, or is there a frame brake it should go under?

Thank you! Solid advice is appreciated.

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