Bluetooth adapter for OEM stereo

Ok, this is going to start a firestorm… anyone have a recommendation for an adapter and head unit kit? I think I might go to Crutchfields and start there…

I ended up getting a sick $450+ touchscreen head unit from a yard I used to work at. The owners of the b4 it crashed with had already done the fitment and such so it was completely plug and play for me :) may not be an option for you but something to eat. There are many options for head units, but I have found that the price definitely goes up with the quality, even with that new head unit and no other after market speakers, this made my audio 100x better. Cheap head units will not give the same result as more expensive ones. Shop around and find what’s best for what you want and what you’re willing to pay. Wiring them up is simple even without an adapter, basically just read the manual on the new head unit and it will tell you what color to wire to what other color in most cases. Cheers

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