Ascent License Plate lamp removal

Late response…I know. But for anyone attempting to do this, follow the steps outlined by Brian Belfiore. For my 2019 Ascent Premium, I followed his steps to upgrade my license lighting to LED bulbs this afternoon and it could not have been simpler.

However, I would have worded steps 1 & 2 slightly different.
1. Nudge the light housing inward towards the <center of the vehicle> firmly but not forcefully.
2. At the same time you are nudging the housing, attempt to work your fingers under the edge farthest from the <center of the vehicle>. The action of working your fingers under the edge will eventually pry up that edge until the light housing is freed from the surface to which it is attached.

I also watched this video of the bulb replacement on a Crosstrek. In this video the guy is replacing a burned-out incandescent bulb. The process is similar for the Ascent, but you can easily substitute an LED version.

BEWARE: Don’t do what this guy does. Once this guy replaces the bulb, he attempts to reinstall the housing backwards at first, but eventually discovers his mistake and rotates the housing 180 degrees.

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