Adventured at Silver Lake Sand Dunes and Raced at Outback 3.6r – who won?

This Friday, before visiting the engineers at Subaru Research and Development, I met some friends and off-roaded at Silver Lake Sand Dunes.

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I’ve been saying that our FA24F’s obliterate the former H6 3.6R in power and performance.

So, since I had the opportunity to test it, even though our FA24F is in a Subie that’s literally a half to heavier, I used that opportunity to find out.

The results weren’t exactly what I expected.

We did five runs in the “no speed limit” zone of the beach and dunes.

Who won?

Hint: keep in mind that my Ascent was over half ton heavier than the OB.

There was also a heavily modified 1998 Forester racing along side us.

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