2020- Sporadic climbing will not begin

We have our 2020 Ascension in 2 months. It now has about 1300 miles. About four weeks after I bought it, I tried to start the car and it wouldn’t turn over. All the lights came on (plus the radio at full volume) but the engine wouldn’t turn over. After about 10 minutes of trying, I gave up and called Uber. Later that night, the Ascent started without a problem when I took it on a date. I started Ascent after the meeting, and everything was fine, except that the trunk randomly opened and wouldn’t close no matter what I did. We had to rope it to get home. Parked it in the garage and locked it (with trunk open). I then crawled into the back and opened one of the plastic covers to manually close the trunk. No problems the next day. Then two days later we had a dead battery. I got a jump and then no problems for the next four weeks.

Fast forward to today (Week #8 with the car). It started fine twice this morning. At lunch I went out to run an errand and the car wouldn’t start when I left. I tried for 5 minutes, and it just wouldn’t engage. Everything turned on, but the engine did not start. I called Roadside Assistance but Subaru said it would be an hour (!). [I think that is crazy, btw, in metro Washington, DC.] I hung up on Subaru, called my husband in frustration, and then decided to try one more time. Surprise – the car just started without any problems! So I canceled the Roadside Assistance and headed home.

That seems crazy for a 2 month old car. We’re getting it on Saturday, but has anyone experienced anything similar? Sorry to share with my 12 year old CRV which has never had any problems!!!

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