2012 3.6r Rotors / Pads – Poll Questions

I had my first replacement brake pads installed at 120K on my 2012 3.6r Outback. Now at 160K, I have pulsing and pads are worn to

1) Is consensus of the forum to replace both pads and rotors for the Outbacks like the dealer originally recommended?
2) Do the replacement pads typically wear much faster than the original pads, somehow I got 120K on first set but only 40K on this set?
3) Due to the pulsation, I assume rotor replacement or turning is required, don’t think the turning is an option at this dealer, should I just get all 4 rotors replaced? Rather not drop the huge expense, but can’t tolerate the pulsing either.

Feedback on the above questions would be appreciated, thanks in advance!


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