2011 Outback with 199,000k – what can I expect?



Howdy. I’m checking out a 2011 Outback 2.5 Limited for sale with 199k on it next week. Since I’m somewhat new to the Subaru world (had an ’18 Forester for a year and a half but with low mileage), I’m a bit wary of the “it’ll easily last to, or over, 300k” mindset (coming from several Ford SUVs, as much as I loved ’em), so I’m looking for some reassurance and/or advice that I can expect this kind of longevity out of a well-loved OB. Of course, I realize it’s really all a matter of how well the vehicle was maintained in the past, and at least according to the Carfax info, it looks pretty good. It’s also had the following work recently done on it by a very reputable Subaru independent repair shop where I live (who’s also selling it):

Split block
Rings and bearings
Piston rings
All seals & gaskets needed
Water pump
Spark plugs
Timing belt service
Radiator & hoses
Drive belt
Air & cabin filters
Transmission fluid
Inner tie rods
Rear brake pads & discs
From lower control arm bushings

Based on this info, what do you ya’ll think? I’ll be test driving it on Tuesday, so just trying to get a sense of what’s reasonable to expect from an OB with this kind of mileage if it’s been well-maintained. I’ll also ask the service manager what to expect, as if I was bringing it in from another seller for a pre-purchase inspection.

Thanks for any feedback/insight.


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