2011 2.5 6MT fluctuating AC vent temp

Hi everyone –

2011 2.5 w/ 6 speed manual. Have concerns with the AC not blowing a consistently cool temp. For reference: the low side o-ring was leaking at the compressor, changed the o-ring vacuumed down pressure, appeared to hold vacuum.

I purchased a 12oz small can of refrigerant from Walmart (no sealer) and fill up the system using the whole can. Low side pressure was about 40, high side I believe was 175? Ambient temp outside was around 75-80.

Initially vent temp was 38 degrees, no complaints there, however after letting idle for a while, or driving, it would raise up to around 50, and fluctuate between 45-50 degrees. Not awful, but I like it like an ice box.

I was careful not to overfill. I see under the hood the spec is 14oz I believe? Not sure if the 12oz can weight is all refrigerant or if that takes into account the weight of the can also, so maybe I am still a little under filled?

If I stop the car and restart it, say to run into the gas station for 5-10 minutes, the AC will start at the cool 38 vent temp again, and then warm up as described above.

I did my absolute best to utilize the search function on this forum, and was unable to find the same issue/solution. I did read however that it is possible the evaporator temp sensor is bad? Where is this located?
Also, am I accurate in testing by letting it hang in the cabin to read that temp and see if I get consistent cold air?

Lastly, I read on another forum where folks have added resistance to said sensor to lower the cut off temp to provide cooler air? Thoughts on this? I’m willing to try it if I can determine there aren’t any other issues with my system.

Thank you all in advance!

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