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shocks / struts

here are the slim pickings that I am aware of:

Stock (by KYB): few fans of these
KYB 341443: 18% stiffer rebound, 9% stiffer compression: spec’d for 05-09
KYB 341276: approx stock rebound, 30+% stiffer compression: spec’d for 00-04, but talking about using on 05-09
KYB 341354 non US: 34% stiffer rebound, 46% stiff compression THAN 341443 (60% rebound/59% comp over stock???)
Monroe SensaTrac: unknown specs, but not well liked in reviews
Bilstein BTS 5056: JDM: incl springs: few have them (one guy?), expensive, supposedly the best option for daily street use

Bilstein has unobatainium desireability, KYB 341276 has several fans lately
good luck getting non-USDM KYB’s in USA

Megan Racing Coilovers: mixed reviews (some are good)
BC BR Coilovers: make sure to get the longer body vs Legacy version

Or drop down to Legacy suspension and have their Bilstein, KYB, and Coilover options…and limited height / travel.

For the front:
Stock: allegedly not too bad
KYB 339098 -99 somewhat stiffer, I don’t know specs
KYB 00-04: even stiffer (at least is 1 direction), different dimensions???
KYB 334374-75 non USDM: supposedly 70% in stiffness (which direction???)
Bilsteins as above (the kit includes all 4 corners: springs/shocks)
the Coilovers above

based on only Schneider’s review, the unobtainium Bilstein BTS kit has the highest regard. For the rear, the KYB 341276 (designed for 00-04 but fitted to 05-09) is becoming popular favorite among more affordable options.

Megans’ have fans and foes
BC Racing as limited reviews on Outbacks, but evidently a lot of fans amongst the Legacy owners.

non-USDM KYB’s hard to acquire, and requie some unknown fitment bits (but probably similar to Bilstein BTS kit)

There, now you know everthing I do. I hope this helps somebody.

DISCLAIMER: I have NONE of these installed (well, I have 100% stock and I hate it)…but not for long. Talk about analysis paralysis

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