1999 Sunroof & Key Fob Queries

Hello all!
I’m in the UK and own a 1999 Legacy Outback which I have been trying to make perfect.
There are a couple of issues I’m having and I’m hoping some of you can help.

1: Programming the key fob
When I bought the car, the fob it came with was completely dead. The motherboard has fried and is unable to be repaired.
I have bought a new old stock key fob I happened to find, however programming has been impossible thus far.
All guides online say that there is a programming button under the dashboard, however this simply isn’t there on mine; maybe the UK models didn’t have this? I also looked behind the kick panel on both sides for the two cables like the Forester has, with no luck again.
I’ve taken it to several Subaru specialists who can’t do anything because it uses an old SSM.
Next week I’m taking it to one of the best and oldest Subaru dealers in the country, however even they admitted they may not be able to do it.
Is there anyone anywhere in Europe that you know of that has one of these old SSM management software thingies that can programme the key?

2: Sunroof repairs
My model is equipped with a dual sunroof. The rear works flawlessly, however the front rubber seal had deteriorated and leaked. It’s now taped up waiting for me to find a replacement, but I cannot find anything after months of searching!
I managed to find one result, which is Subaru themselves custom making the entire sunroof assembly in Japan and shipping it over, which would be £900 + VAT + labour + metalwork repair costs under the seal :(
I’ve searched through every scrapyard I can find in UK to no avail, and even if I did find one, there’s a 99% chance the rubber has deteriorated on that as well.
Is anyone here in the know on how and where to potentially find a replacement?

Kind Regards

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