’04 Outback 2.5L- Basic Improvements?

I guess technically, they are all Japanese cars, but I get what you mean.
What do you consider normal dirt roads?
I have been on dirt roads that are relatively flat and level with the occasional pot hole.
A step worse would be series of holes. These are often found in highly traveled but sparsely populated or recently getting infected populated areas.
I have been on what we call “fire roads” which are marginally level, with anything from a pot hole to a series of craters, along with gulleys and roots to navigate around and over, with the occasional wash out ditch. Normally found in state and national parks, as we call them, and mostly intended for fire access.
While these sound rough, one aternoon as I was getting ready to leave a place I went to see, feeling pretty good about myself having navigated a said road on my mid level adventure bike, in rolled a small pack of septuagenarians all dressed in their LL Bean and Eddie Bauer clothes on a bunch of Harley Davidson models which are not built for unpaved roads at all. Take what you will from that.
My stock Outback would have liked if the road was at least a little muddy or something to give it a challenge.

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