WTB Clone TPMS Sensors for ’16 Outback?

Where to buy TPMS sensors that can be cloned so the 17″ winter wheels send the same four IDs as the 18″ summer wheels?

Searches tell me a 2016 Outback uses 315 mHz. Car came with 18″, but found a set of OEM 17″ for $150 on CraigsL. I saw add and guessed (correctly) a customer bought new wheels and told shop they could keep old stock 17″ ones who just wanted them gone.

Some sellers say “programmable” but it’s not clear if that means “to a Subaru”, to 315 or 433 mHz, or if the ID can be programmed (aka “cloned”) if I can get the codes either from the car’s OBD port (or via dealer), or by having Tires Plus run a code reader on each tire.

1. Confirm 2016 Outback uses 315 mHz (or how one can find out which frequency).
2. Which Brand/Model can be “cloned” to match other wheels.
3. Seller(s) that will do it prior to shipping if given the codes, so any tire shop can install them when new snow tires go on the 17″ wheels (… soon … winter is coming … remaining summer tread is NOT winter tread depth)

Thank you in advance!

Karma: Over 100k, so made appointment to have dealer replace 13L of transmission fluid, as well as change out any differential fluids. Hope drivetrain cruises to 200k+!

PS: If you like “heat NOW” heated seats, don’t get leather, IMHO.

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