Would you consider a modern day Brat or Baja ???

Haven’t been anywhere near a Maverick have you?

As popular as the Maverik has been, if Subaru did it right, could be a huge seller.

The Maverick is a nice suburban pickup, but not a real hauler due to the 54″ bed (4.5 feet). Due to its popularity there are nice caps including Jeraco which is the best cap I have seen. The offer a cab-high version. Those caps can be ordered with reinforcing for HD roof racks that will easily handle as much roof weight as a Wilderness.

The bed of the Maverick, to me, is too short for a lot of items like sleeping, bicycles, surf rods, most i-piece rods, muskets, most lumber, etc. that I have used with my Ranger. However, it has high bang for the buck as a social truck, especially given the hybrid option. Other than the ride height, the interior is familiar Ford truck, a plus. Additionally, it is far ands away one of the best deals in a small suburban truck.

Now the questions for Subaru is what can they offer to those outside the Subaru community to gain conquest sales. For those inside the Subaru community, would such a vehicle draw customers from existing lines (OB, Forester, etc.) The Brat and Baja were far more in demand after they were cancelled, but styles changed, owners aged, and they did not have the sales to continue.

One consideration with trucks is what does an owner do with the small bed area (or even larger beds) when not doing “truck stuff.” Open beds are not secure storage areas, and often not waterproof areas without toneaus or caps. Put 4 people in a 4-door truck on a road tripo or shopping crawl, where does luggage and ‘stuff’ fit? If you are a dog owner, beds get hot in summer, and while dogs might like it, can be dangerous.

As a small truck owner for 33+ years, I do not see a Brat/Baja II or trucklet as a real volume item for Subaru. It would also not be like the BRZ or WRX. There are tradeoffs with trucks due to the load carrying. To me, it comes down to do you want your normal load to be internal or external to the passengers. Dirty, smelly, dusty, sharp, marring, or bending loads are for truck bed so as a driver and passenger you are not smelling it or marring up the passenger area. However, luggage, and other valuables are far safer in the A/C, waterproof and secure comfort of a wagon or SUV.

We love having trucks, BUT (a big but) we ALWAYS had a 4 seater car for more formal or social occasions.

Then again, once you have had a truck, not having one seems risky. However, since the Outback, with a cargo box, being truckless is far less painful than if might be otherwise.

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